7 Ways to Calm a Restless Mind


Human mind is a fabulous tool handed over to us to accomplish whatever we wish to. The power of the human mind is unparalleled and incredible. It has been seen those who are able to understand their mind are better able to handle every situation no matter how challenging it may seem. To quote Eckhart Tolle “All problems are illusions of the mind”. Does that mean there are no problems for those who have a comprehension of their minds? Is life all hunky dory for them? Contrary to this, it simply means that they know how to use the mind to the best of its ability to come out of any catch 22 situation. Well mostly!

Words like anxiety, depression and restlessness have taken a centre stage these days. Almost every other person feels these bouts of anxiety, depression, fear and rage almost always. Some days are all anxious, some others are all blue and gloomy while some are all mixed up together. The truth, however, is these are just instances where the mind has taken charge over the master and has become a Frankestein Monster. It has become all restless and seems totally out of control. Is there a way to calm a restless mind? Well, the good news is there are many ways it can be done. And like Rome was not built in a day, these ways also work when they are consciously practised and cultivated as a part of one’s programming. But they surely work. Read on further some of the ways to calm a restless mind.

1. Acceptance

Acceptance is the key to proceed on the path of having a better comprehension of the mind. When one feels sad or fearful or anxious or restless, one needs to accept that it is not me but it is my mind that is sad or fearful or restless at this moment. This acceptance needs to be there before one can take the next step about fixing the error. Accept that something has gone haywire with mind, the tool, and then get your hands on the tool box.

2. Chant

Why chant is coming right after acceptance is for a reason. Usually when the mind is restless the breath is at a faster pace. To calm the pace just by focusing on the breath may seem tough initially. Chanting is something which shifts your focus and also helps in calming the breath.

Mantras, if chanted regularly, have sonic vibrations which can be immensely beneficial for the mind. Pick any mantra. Try picking a smaller one, example Ram. Chant mentally or by speaking and match the speed of the chanting with the level of restlessness in the mind. More the restlessness faster the speed. You will observe soon enough the breath will become calmer and the mind will quieten. Try it out.

3. Focus on your Breath

This too has almost an instant effect on calming a restless mind provided it is done mindfully. It is a very simple practice to be cultivated into a habit with favourable influence on the mind. So, here is how you do it.

When your mind feels restless just fish out a quiet place and sit comfortably. Start focusing on your breath with slow inhalation and exhalation. While inhaling mentally count from 1 to 6. Then hold the breath for 3 counts. While exhaling again mentally count from 1 to 6 and then hold for 3 counts before taking the next breath. You will observe the difference in the state of your mind within minutes. See for yourself.

4. Hop, Skip or Run

For those who find it hard to slow down the mind or focus on any mantra or breath to begin with, try this option out. Just jump on a treadmill or grab a skipping rope and just do it. If you don’t have either just search for some exercises on YouTube. There are plenty of them. 5 minutes of extensive physical activity will exhaust not only you but your jumping mind too will become slow. Just sweat the restlessness out of your system. This may not work if you are at your workplace but then that is the precise reason why more than one way are coming across your way.

5. Listen to Music

Music again works on the science of sound and can assist you in taming your mind. There is plenty of relaxing and soothing music available on YouTube and apps like Spotify. If soft music is not your cup of coffee then listen to the music you prefer. It has a miraculous effect in shifting the attention no matter how hard the notorious mind tries to ignore it. Mind starts with M. Well, so do Music and Miracle!

6. Watch a Show

This one totally depends on an individual choice. Some may prefer thriller against some who like comedy. Mine is mystery for instance. Watching a show of a particular genre has its own effects on the mind. Having said that it has been said time and again that laughter is the best medicine. If you are not able to figure out what will calm your mind, go for comedy. Have you ever wondered when you are in a bout of a hearty laugh your mind is absolutely thoughtless? Try reflecting on this when you laugh again. I bet you will forget because the mind will be devoid of any thought. That is the power of laughter. Go for it!

7. Meditate Mindfully

Meditation is one word that has become a fad in these times. There mustn’t be a soul unaware of this word. One of the best and timeless ways to get to the root of your mind is meditation. But the point is how to go about it so that it helps in reining the mind? The key is to do it mindfully. But what does that mean? Well the answers to this question lies in the Black Lotus App. This app is the most wonderful app with plenty of meditations and chanting that have been curated to understand the mind deeply. It is available both on Play-store and iOS and give you instant solution for your restless mind no matter where you are. Being an app it stays with you always in this era of technology. Here is the link in case you wish to download it.

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You are the ONE who has the mind and not the other way round. This is the thing you have to keep in mind always. Don’t let the monkey mind become a master. Remember who is the tool and who is the Master!

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