PS: The sources of all images of the Mother used here are given. We do not claim the ownership of any images. They are being shared totally out of devotion.


Whatever it is that we consider pure and impure, whatever it is that we think is good or bad, whatever it is that we perceive and that we cannot, it is all the DIVINE Mother my Kaali. She is the start and the stop point of everything. Of all lives She is the source and the mouth. From Her stems everything and in Her lap everything finds a supreme resting place. From a tiny worm to a mammathon life form She caters, tends, nourishes all. She is all knowing, all loving and ever protecting. Yet She cannot be known. She cannot be fathomed. With this afflicted mind and unmindful tongue She cannot be glorified. Oh! What have I ever done in this lifetime or others that She thought me worthy to be taking Her name!!!

It is with Her Grace and will alone that one can even think of taking Her name and making Her the anchor of one's life. May She be in every breath of mine. May She alone be in every thought that crosses this unbridled mind. May She run through me as life itself. It is purely out of Her wish that She has given me this thought of writing the meanings of Her names in Kaali Sahasranaam. This is an attempt totally out of my understanding however limited it may be and my devotion streaming from my impure heart together with my faith that rests in Her Lotus Feet. I don't know how far I may go on this journey but I shall keep taking baby steps with each name with the blessings of my Realized Master. I may fall but Oh Mother, give me the courage to get up again and keep moving towards you. Let me seek you and you alone and nothing else. Let me reach you so that you can clean me of all my afflictions and make me your innocent child again. Oh my Kaali! Take me as an offering unto your Lotus Feet.

Name 1

Shmshan Kalika

All glories to Divine Mother!

Of Her countless forms one She chooses to be is the form Shmshan Kalika or Shamshan Kalika. Shamshan means crematorium or cremation ground. She is the Goddess of the crematorium. Cremation ground is c More

Name 2


All glories to Divine Mother!

This one is my favourite. Short, simple and filled with sweetness that knows no bounds. Kali is the most supreme. She is the creator, preserver and destroyer of everything in the universe. She is the More

Name 3


All Glories to Divine Mother!

Bhadra literally means good or auspicious. Maa BhadraKali is one who is all about goodness and auspiciousness. She is the one who dearly looks after all Her little ones. And who are Her little ones? E More

Name 4


All Glories to Divine Mother!

Kapal means skull. Kapalini is one who is the "skull bearer". Divine Mother wears a garland of skulls around Her neck and is called Kapalini. Kapalini also means one who is the consort of Kapali, mean More

Name 5


All Glories to Divine Mother

Guhya means secret or hidden. No wonder why Supreme Mother chooses to manifest Herself as GuhyaKali to be one of Her forms. Come to think of it! Can anyone be capable of knowing the Mother in totality More

Name 6


All Glories to Divine Mother!

She is "THE" Empress of all that is. How can I even think of writing anything about Her Majesty. But, as I do so, I know it is only out of Her will that it is happening. But what can I possibly write More

Name 7


All Glories to Divine Mother!

The name KurukullaVirodhini literally means the One who defies the forces of duality. Everything that can be perceived through the five senses exists in duality. This duality is all pervasive and appe More

Name 8


All Glories to Divine Mother!

I offer my obeisance to Maa Kalika. She is the unwavering foundation that removes darkness of any kind. Maa Kalika's manifestation finds mention in many religious texts. Chapter five of Durga Saptasha More

Name 9


All Glories to Divine Mother!

The seventh day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Kalaratri, whose form is very dear to Mahadeva. Kala means time. Time is extremely powerful. Time sets the ground for anything to take place. In the abs More

Name 10


All Glories to Divine Mother!

Kala means time and maha means great. Nitambini means the one who has beautiful backside. Time is immensely powerful. It holds the potential of turning an emperor into a pauper in an instance. Time is More

Name 11


All Glories to Divine Mother!

The name comprises of three words- Kala, Bhairava, and Bharya. Kala means time, Bhairava means fearsome and Bharya means wife. so KalaBhairavaBharya means the wife of KalaBhairava. KalaBhairava is on More

Name 12


All Glories to Divine Mother!

Kula means family. Vartma or vart means land. Prakasini means one who brings light or illuminates. Divine Mother is KulaVartmaPrakasini, that is, the One who illuminates all the families dwelling in t More

Name 13


All Glories to Divine Mother!

Kama means desire. Kamada means the One who is the giver of desire. Mother Divine is the One who fulfills all wishes of Her devotees. Every life is bound strongly with desires of various kinds. Desire More

Name 14


All Glories to Divine Mother!

This name of Divine Mother Kali has to be understood along with the previous name 13 'Kamada'. In the previous name we saw that Divine Mother is the one who fulfils all desires. Kamini literally means More

Name 15


All Glories to Divine Mother!

I offer my obeisance to Divine Mother with the name Kamya. Name 15 of the Divine Mother again revolves around desire. Kamya means She who is desired. Whatever it is that a person can desire is all cr More

Name 16


All Glories to Divine Mother!

I offer my prostrations at the Holy Feet of Divine Mother who chooses Her 16th name as KamniyaSvabhavini. 'Svabhava' means nature. KamniyaSvabhavini means She who is the intrinsic nature of that which More

Name 17



All Glories to Divine Mother!

I prostrate at the feet of Divine Mother Kali with the name KasturiRasaLiptangi. Kasturi means musk, Rasa means juice and Liptangi means limbs smeared with. So KasturiRasaLiptangi means the One whose More

Name 18



All Glories to Divine Mother!

I offer my obeisance to the Divine Mother my Kali. Who chooses Her 18thname to be KunjaresvaraGamini. Kunj means elephant. Kunjaresvara means the lord of elephants. In the Hindu mythological traditio More